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Willing To Give up Your Seat? A Look Into Voluntary Bumping and How To Maximize Compensation

Oftentimes on oversold flights, airlines will ask passengers to voluntarily accept a later flight, or a “bump,” in exchange for monetary compensat ...

By Jasper Yu-Dawidowicz • 06/22/2024
Why Is Airport Food So Expensive?

Airports' high food costs result from pricey rent, delivery fees, and staff retention. Storage fees and transportation costs raise prices. Vendors fac ...

By Elias Steenkiste • 06/21/2024
Why Using Mobile Devices on Airplanes Are Prohibited During Takeoff and Landing.

Why mobile phones can't be used during takeoff and landing: there are certain reasons to acknowledge that why using mobile devices on airplanes is pro ...

By Daniel Ren • 06/17/2024
How To Choose Which Aircraft To Charter

Choosing which aircraft to charter can be complex. Read on to learn the differences between the top aircraft selections to charter.

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 06/13/2024

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