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How Does Essential Air Service Benefit Small and Isolated Communities?

The Essential Air Service program was implemented to guarantee that small communities served by certified air carriers before airline deregulation mai ...

By Edward Carr • 03/04/2024
E-Kerosene: The Fuel Disrupting Sustainable Aviation

This month, the University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside) released a bold strategy to promote and achieve carbon-neutral air travel. One of t ...

By Lukas Woerner • 02/28/2024
Air Canada's Chatbot Mishap: How Will AI Affect the Passenger Experience on Flights?

Air Canada was forced to reimburse a customer after their artificial intelligence chatbot misinformed the consumer. This is an early example of how th ...

By Lukas Woerner • 02/27/2024
Russian Entrepreneur Transforms Retired Boeing 737 Into Luxury Villa

A Russian entrepreneur, Felix Demin, transformed a retired Boeing 737 into a luxury villa with two bedrooms, a terrace, and an infinity pool on the Ny ...

By Öyküm Gelen • 02/22/2024

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