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How Do Airlines Decide Which Aircraft to Use on a Route?

It may seem like a simple answer—easy: airlines fly their biggest planes on the routes with the most demand. In some ways, this is true—no doubt a ...

By Jack Turner • 11/28/2023
How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Air?

It is possible to ship a vehicle on an aircraft. Air is superior to land travel as it reduces delays and makes logistics easy when handling vehicles t ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 11/26/2023
How Do Airlines Determine Where to Fly?

Have you ever wondered why certain route combinations exist, but others don’t? Well, the process may be more complicated than you might think. Airli ...

By Davis Turner • 11/25/2023
The Evolution of Airline Status and Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent-flyer programs have become commonplace among airlines all over the world. Enrolling in these loyalty programs has many benefits, the most obv ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 11/25/2023
What Does Strong Travel Demand Mean for the Future of Aviation?

The strong demand for international travel witnessed during the summer of 2023 has laid the groundwork for a transformative era in the aviation indust ...

By Adnan Shaheed • 11/23/2023
A Deeper Look at Ethiopian Airlines' Fleet and Future Plans

Ethiopian Airlines is Africa's largest airline in passenger traffic, destinations served, fleet size, and revenue. The airline grew rapidly over the y ...

By George Mwangi • 11/21/2023
United Airlines Joins Growing eVTOL Market with Archer Aviation

Archer Aviation is one of the largest companies developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. eVTOLs use electricity to take off ...

By George Mwangi • 11/20/2023
How This Invention Changed the History of Aircraft Interventions

Recently, the aviation industry has had to deal with a flurry of confounding accidents and long investigations to determine their underlying cause. In ...

By Jack Turner • 11/20/2023
The Mysterious Plane Crash of a UN Secretary in Congo

The second secretary general of the United Nations met an untimely end in a plane crash during the Congo Crisis in 1961. The circumstances behind this ...

By Adam Schupak • 11/19/2023
The World's Five Worst Mid-air Collisions

Mid-air collisions are exceptionally rare but present some of the most horrifying crashes in history. There is almost no possibility for survival, giv ...

By Davis Turner • 11/17/2023
Why Do No US Airlines Fly the Airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 is an aircraft that needs no introduction and cannot be mistaken. Yet in spite of the aircraft's prestige, it has never been ordered b ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 11/16/2023
How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet?

Have you ever wanted to fly private but thought it was exorbitantly expensive? You're right, partially. Private flying can be expensive, but not alway ...

By Jack Turner • 11/13/2023
A Tribute to the Texas Raiders One Year Later

The "Texas Raiders" B-17, owned by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) started it's life as a Boeing PB-1 AWACS Registered as 44-83872 this PB-1W was am ...

By Brantsen Gill • 11/12/2023
JetBlue's Tussle With Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

JetBlue Airways launched service to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) from its major East Coast hubs earlier this year. The new JetBlue service to Amsterda ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 11/11/2023
The World's Best Airport Lounges

With airlines transporting millions of passengers annually, they have invested millions into showing their luxuriousness and sleek styles. From Frankf ...

By Franco Grobler • 11/11/2023
An Oversimplified Guide to Aircraft Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes aircraft all the time, but is it something to fear? Typically not, as aircraft are well-engineered to withstand strikes.

By Davis Turner • 11/10/2023
A Deeper Look at Saudia's Plans for Religious and Leisure Tourism

Saudia has announced several expansion initiatives in recent weeks. Saudi Arabia's state-owned flag carrier plans to expand its operations in anticipa ...

By George Mwangi • 11/07/2023
Is The Bermuda Triangle Dangerous For Planes?

There are many areas on Earth that are infamous for disappearances. Non more so than the Bermuda Triangle. While the area is most known for its numero ...

By Adam Schupak • 11/03/2023
The Future of JetBlue: Is the Airline in Serious Trouble?

With an antitrust lawsuit and worse Q3 & Q4 than anticipated, JetBlue has seen some better days, but will this be the end of JetBlue? JetBlue has rece ...

By Franco Grobler • 11/03/2023
How This Two-Year-Old Airline Made $110 Million in Three Months

An in-depth look at how PLAY Airlines posted a revenue of $110 million in just three months. We look at PLAY's business model and strategies leading t ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 11/02/2023
What Happened to This Saudi Prince's A380 Private Jet?

In 2007, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal ordered an Airbus A380 for $310 million in the world's first private jet order for the aircraft. Despite year ...

By George Mwangi • 11/01/2023
Experiencing Tokyo Narita Airport's Oxygen Lounge

Tokyo's Narita International Airport has added a concept called an Oxygen Bar to their repertoire. While the concept may not be new, it will certainly ...

By Adnan Shaheed • 10/31/2023
Illegally Entering Airports: Mob Storms Russian Airport in Search of Jewish Passengers

On October 29, a large mob stormed Makhachkala Uytash Airport (MCX) in southern Russia to hunt down Israeli and Jewish passengers. The group expressed ...

By George Mwangi • 10/30/2023
The Controversial Travel Hack That Has Cost Airlines Millions

Ever wanted to save hundreds of dollars on flights to and from your destination of choice? Skiplagging may be for you, but at what cost? Skiplagging i ...

By Jack Turner • 10/30/2023
The Haunted Crash Site of Delta Air Lines Flight 191

On August 2, 1985, a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar operated by Delta Air Lines crashed short of runway 17L (now 17C) at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The cause ...

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 10/30/2023
The World's 5 Most Unique Airports by Design

While the vast majority of airports are built with the aesthetics and the design at the rear of the priorities list, certain airports worldwide are un ...

By Gabriel Kramp • 10/29/2023
Airplane Windows are Round Because This Plane Kept Crashing

Oval windows are commonplace in modern aviation, but why do engineers prefer them? The history dates back to the failure of the de Havilland Comet, wh ...

By Davis Turner • 10/26/2023
Can Hackers Steal Your Information Through Airplane Wifi?

Security experts warn that connecting to the Internet during a flight could jeopardize personal data. Inmarsat, a British satellite telecommunications ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 10/18/2023
Analyzing Airline Operations in War-Torn Countries: Libya and Yemen

We live in a time when countries all over the world are engulfed in some sort of conflict. War, in particular, has devastated various nations. Based o ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 10/09/2023
The Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounge Access

In an age of stricter access requirements and seemingly endless lounge options, finding the right space for you at an airport can be daunting. This ar ...

By Jack Turner • 09/29/2023
United MileagePlus: Best Ways to Earn, Redeem Miles

Thinking about joining MileagePlus? Pondering how to get the most out of a United Airlines MileagePlus membership? This article is an in depth guide o ...

By Adam Schupak • 09/28/2023
Understanding IATA Codes: Why do Airports Have Three-Letter Codes?

Have you tried booking a flight, but destinations are only listed as three-lettered codes like JFK, CDG, OR LAX? Have you ever heard someone tell you ...

By Davis Turner • 09/27/2023
The Five Longest Flights From Africa: All From The Same Country

The world's five longest flights from Africa are all between the U.S. and one country! The routes are operated by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines ...

By George Mwangi • 08/25/2023
How to Start an Airline: A Quick-Reference Guide

Have you ever thought of starting your own airline? This article explains the steps necessary to starting an airline, from idea to first flight. Hopef ...

By Davis Turner • 08/24/2023
From Paris to Dubai: Exploring the Best Travel Destinations Around the Globe

Have you ever wanted to travel the world but don't know where to start? Maybe you do know where you want to go, but don't know how to get there. This ...

By Adnan Shaheed • 08/23/2023
Flying a Low-Cost Airline Anytime Soon? Here's How You Can Save Big

Budget airlines have become a very popular method of travel across the world. But, how can one have the CHEAPEST budget airline experience? All is exp ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 08/23/2023
Are Airline Ticket Prices Set to Rise Indefinitely?

Airline ticket prices have hit record highs in recent times, but the time are changing. While lower prices aren't guaranteed passengers should take co ...

By Jack Turner • 08/22/2023
The Best Universities to Study Aerospace Engineering in 2023

Dive into this comprehensive guide by Phil Collins of EssayService to 2023’s top colleges for aerospace engineering. Start your journey to a success ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 08/06/2023
Why You Should Consider a Career in Aerospace

Dive into the thrilling world of aerospace! Discover why students should consider this dynamic and impactful career path.

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 08/05/2023
The World's Best Universities to Study Aviation

Discover the best universities for studying aviation globally with Tutor John W of DoMyEssay. Start your journey to an exciting aviation career today!

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 08/01/2023
Why is the E175-E2 Barely Selling? Scope Clauses Explained

The E175 is one of the most popular regional jets in the United States. But why isn't its updated model, the E175-E2, selling in the United States? Th ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 07/21/2023
The World's Longest Nonstop Flights and the Future of Ultra-Long-Haul Travel

Technological advances have allowed airlines to operate ultra-long-haul flights between far-flung destinations. This article looks at the world's ten ...

By George Mwangi • 07/18/2023
Where is The Safest Place to Sit On a Plane?

Air travel remains the safest form of long-distance transportation. Even as the number of flights worldwide continues to increase year after year, the ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 07/15/2023
Ever Been Bumped Off an Oversold Flight? Here's Why and What You Can Do About It

Airlines oversell flights all the time, but will you be affected? What drives airlines to sell more seats than offered on a plane? Know your rights, t ...

By Davis Turner • 07/14/2023
46 Years On: The Deadliest Crash in Aviation History

46 years ago the deadliest crash in aviation history occurred in the Canary Islands. This crash shed light on a new method of pilot training and revol ...

By Adam Schupak • 07/10/2023
The Sky's the Limit: Exploring the Opportunities for Students in the Field of Aviation

Aviation is a promising field for those students who dream of an exciting career in the sky. It's both romantic and rigorous at the same time. No wond ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 07/05/2023
A Plane Spotter's Guide to Zurich Airport

For many plane spotters, flying through an airport can be painful due to the obstructions between them and the aircraft that prevent plane spotters fr ...

By Adam Schupak • 06/28/2023
New Programs Allow Non-Flyers Through Security, Wait at Gate

A rule that has been in place since the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 is slowly being relaxed across American airports. A new program bein ...

By Luke Wirostko • 06/28/2023
The History of Spirit Airlines: From 1983 to Now

Spirit Airlines: one of the largest budget airlines in North America. Many know the airline for its ultra-low-cost fares and occasionally edgy service ...

By Adam Schupak • 05/30/2023
Essential Air Service Contracts (EAS) Explained

How are EAS contracts awarded? The system is complex and requires many moving parts, but ultimately the DOT uses a well-structured bid process to sele ...

By Davis Turner • 05/18/2023
Spirit Airlines: Baggage Rules and Policies

Flying Spirit Airlines can sometimes be quite a confusing endeavor due to the carrier's confusing policies. This is a comprehensive guide on Spirit Ai ...

By Adam Schupak • 05/15/2023
Plane Spotting at Heathrow, Manchester, and More: A Brief Guide

A British Spotting Guide for the major airports in England. If you ever wanted some tips for good locations and helpful pointers on spotting at the ma ...

By Luca Joe Azim • 05/01/2023
What is The Single European Sky Initiative? A Brief Explanation

An explanation of the Single European Sky (SES) Initiative. Europe suffers from complex regulatory structures over airspace and airline traffic manage ...

By Davis Turner • 04/12/2023
Is the Boeing 737 MAX the Safest Modern Airliner?

Because of the sheer intensity of the scrutiny the aircraft faced, the Boeing 737 MAX could be considered one of the safest in the world. In fact, amo ...

By Gabriel Kramp • 04/07/2023
Japan and Australia's Plans for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel is growing in popularity amid ongoing plans by the aviation sector to decarbonize. Japan and Australia are cooperating to ex ...

By George Mwangi • 03/30/2023
The 5 Best Aviation Books You Should Definitely Read

There are many backstories to airlines you have probably never heard of, but books offer a great outlet to find them. Here are five books you should r ...

By Davis Turner • 03/21/2023
The World's 4 Most Challenging Airports for Pilots

Aviation is safer than ever these days, but some airports are so extreme that they cause even the most skilled pilots to become uneasy. This article w ...

By Jack Turner • 03/20/2023
A Guide to Airline Alliances: What They Are and How They Work

Airline alliance marketing is everywhere these days at airports and on planes, but what actually are these alliances, and what purpose do they serve? ...

By Jack Turner • 03/14/2023
Aviation as a Career Choice: Why it's a Great Option for College Students

If you're a college student and you're struggling to find a career path, aviation might be a good option for you. There will be a growing demand for q ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 02/24/2023
Air Canada: The Fleet to Suit All Needs

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada, operating both domestically and internationally. With a fleet of over 400 aircraft, the airline serves ov ...

By Andy Zhao • 02/06/2023
Semi-Private Airlines: Premium for Less

Ever wanted a private experience but don't own a jet? Welcome to the world of Semi-Private Airlines. These corporate-style carriers offer travelers th ...

By Zachary Liddy-Davis • 01/30/2023
Attending an Aviation University in the US: The Pros and Cons

If you have been considering attending an aviation university in the United States, then you know the decision is complex. While it provides you with ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 01/27/2023
From Baggage Allowance to Lounge Access: Your Flight Benefits with British Airways

If you ever had questions regarding your flight benefits on an upcoming British Airways flight, here is a one-stop guide to your baggage allowance, lo ...

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 01/27/2023
TSA PreCheck vs CLEAR: Which is Better?

Travelers at airports often regard security as a big nuisance, as they have to wait for upwards of an hour at a time to get bags screened. Domestic U. ...

By Davis Turner • 01/26/2023
AeroXplorer's Most Influential Articles of 2022

AeroXplorer's Most Influential Articles of 2022. Scroll through our list of notable mentions to recap a year of milestones, news, and moments to remem ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 01/01/2023
ECONOMY COMPARISON: United Airlines Long Haul vs. Short Haul

Comparison of United Airlines' short-to-medium and long-haul economy class cabins. Read more to go in-depth about the types of seats on offer and thei ...

By Adam Schupak • 12/29/2022
Surf Air and “All-You-Can-Fly Passes”: The Rise of Subscription-Based Airlines

The membership buffet offerings within airlines are becoming increasingly popular, especially now that Frontier and Alaska have launched their own pro ...

By Davis Turner • 11/26/2022
The Undying Role of Aviation in U.S. National Security

Aviation has been a part of U.S. history for decades. But why is it so important in keeping the country safe?

By Brantsen Gill • 11/15/2022
Houston Airshow Attracts Visitors from Around the World

Wings Over Houston Airshow was a spectacular event, attracting those from as far as the Netherlands.

By Brantsen Gill • 11/11/2022
Why Are Plane Tickets So Expensive Nowadays?

Inflation has recently been a challenge, but no sector has seen as much of a jolt as the commercial air travel industry. This article investigates thi ...

By Jack Turner • 11/03/2022
How are Bags Screened Before Flights?

Have you ever wondered how your bags are screened before you board a flight? How do Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents know which bag ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 10/27/2022
The Difference Between Scramjet and Ramjet Engines

Ever wonder how some aircraft are able to reach such mind-boggling speeds? Ramjets and Scramjets are the ones to thank. But what is the difference bet ...

By Safa Trabelsi • 10/26/2022
What Are Some Great Paths to Becoming a Career Pilot?

You may be a foreigner to aviation and you want to be a pilot someday but just aren't sure where to start. Or you may be a student pilot already but j ...

By Brantsen Gill • 10/24/2022
The $100,000 Experience on National Geographic's Private Boeing 757

National Geographic offers a host of luxury excursions around the world, but these itineraries come with a hefty price-tag. What does a $100,000 trip ...

By Safa Trabelsi • 10/22/2022
The 10 Highest-Paying Air Force Jobs

If you are passionate about making a living while serving your country, the Air Force is one of the best industries to consider. Continue reading to l ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 10/16/2022
The De Havilland Comet: A Pioneer with a Fatal Flaw

This article discusses the story of the design of the de Havilland Comet, the first jet-powered airliner. It looks into why the two high-profile crash ...

By Tom van Aaken • 09/26/2022
Wings Over Houston Hosting 38th Annual Airshow

With the airshow season ending, many aviation enthusiasts are hoping to find last-minute events to enjoy before the weather gets colder. One of these ...

By Brantsen Gill • 09/18/2022
Boeing's Worst Selling Aircraft

Learn about some of Boeing's worst-selling aircraft, including an analysis of their production and why some variants failed.

By Brandon McLeish • 09/16/2022
Sicko Mode: Inside Drake's Private Boeing 767

Drake lives quite the luxurious lifestyle, and his plane certainly matches. Take a tour inside the plane and out.

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 09/15/2022
Airport Snapshot: Northeast Florida Regional Airport

An overview of the St. Augustine airport. Overview of the facilities and runways.

By Brandon McLeish • 09/05/2022
Are TSA Agents Able See You Naked?

The answer to the question of whether or not TSA agents can see you naked or not. Dives into the machines used in security screenings at airports.

By Adam Schupak • 09/05/2022
The Anatomy of an Aerospace Engine

By Safa Trabelsi • 08/24/2022
How Does an Aircraft APU Work?

Modern airplanes are outfitted with auxiliary power units (APUs) to meet the aircraft's large energy requirements while the engines are not running. T ...

By Safa Trabelsi • 08/11/2022
Why Passenger Load Factor is an Important Airline Performance Metric – An Arithmetic Perspective

Passenger load factor, commonly abbreviated as PLF, is the measure of the number of paying passengers expressed as a percentage of the aircraft's tota ...

By Jaap Brian • 08/03/2022
A Nervous Flyer's Guide to Airplane Sounds

Ever wonder what all those little noises were the last time you flew on a plane? Here is a selection of a few of the most common ones explained.

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 07/31/2022
Breaking Down Salt Lake City's Massive Airport Transformation

Salt Lake City opened a new airport back at the end of 2020 and it has made waves, both literally and figuratively. Though the design is fairly standa ...

By Jack Turner • 07/20/2022
An Introduction to Human Factors and Pilot Performance

Have you ever wondered what human factors mean and what it has to do with flying? This article provides a short introduction.

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 07/02/2022
UK Travel Chaos Continues

Despite the return of demand for air travel, airports across the United Kingdom are facing more challenges as passengers return to the skies.

By Luca Azim • 06/17/2022
Behind the Names and Registrations of Virgin Atlantic Aircraft

Virgin Atlantic has a long-standing reputation of fun and interesting names and registrations given to their planes. Here's the story behind choosing ...

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 06/13/2022
The Iconic Rise of Emirates

The largest carrier in the Middle East is often written off as a large, rich government-backed airline that benefits from being based in an affluent c ...

By Jack Turner • 06/02/2022
JetBlue: The Carrier Without A Merger Partner

JetBlue Airways, during the last few decades, has continued to grow across the United States and beyond. However, this growth comes despite two failed ...

By John Pullen • 05/17/2022
The Fall and Impending Rise of San Bernardino Airport

San Bernardino Airport has had its fair share of trouble over the years but the future is looking bright. With a new airline starting service there so ...

By Davis Turner • 04/24/2022
Onboard Negus: The Boeing 747 Party Plane

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced British Airways to retire its Boeing 747 fleet, some of them have found new homes across the UK. G-CIVB or 'Negus' ...

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 03/19/2022
Southwest Airlines Considers DFW for Future Growth

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines has a history of avoiding busier hub airports. Despite this, ever since the mid-2000s, the carrier has begun addin ...

By John Pullen • 02/26/2022
An Inside Perspective: The Rise of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is notorious for low fares and a multitude of fees that are tacked on to the passenger experience. Despite this, pricing in the U.S. i ...

By John Pullen • 02/15/2022
Mile High Stakes: The Fight For Denver

Denver International Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the nation. Because of its centralized geography and status as an outdoor gateway, both Sou ...

By John Pullen • 02/02/2022
The Evolution of The Low-Cost Airline Business Model

Low-cost carriers have left an incredibly strong impact on the airline industry across the world. However, the low-cost business model that is dominan ...

By John Pullen • 01/24/2022
What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)?

As the aviation industry advances in technology, many airlines have made it a priority to reduce their environmental footprint. One way they are doing ...

By Daniel Mena • 01/23/2022
The Top Five Shortest Flights in America

The United States has more than five thousand different airports, with many of them being connected by commercial airlines. Across a massive convolute ...

By Nico Marvin • 01/22/2022
David Neeleman and the Rise of JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways has become a strong competitor in the airline industry ever since it launched operations in early 2000. Despite its success, JetBlue a ...

By John Pullen • 01/20/2022
The Rise and Fall of People Express

After the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, a multitude of new startups flooded the U.S. aviation market. Among these was People Express, an innovativ ...

By John Pullen • 01/19/2022
The Rise and Fall of United Shuttle

In the early 1990s, United Airlines’ domination of Californian markets was threatened by the entrance of low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines. In res ...

By John Pullen • 01/08/2022
Alaska and Delta Battle for Success in Seattle

In the past, Alaska Airlines dominated their hometown city of Seattle and remained largely unchallenged by other carriers. However, in need of an Asia ...

By John Pullen • 12/31/2021
The Wright Amendment: Wrong For Southwest

With the Airline Deregulation Act being signed into law in 1978, many feared that Southwest’s new growth opportunities at Dallas Love Field Airport ...

By John Pullen • 12/27/2021
The Downfall of Pan American World Airways

Pan American World Airways was an aviation giant for decades. However, despite their great reputation and global presence, the carrier was facing seve ...

By John Pullen • 12/03/2021
What is Gulfstream's New G800 Business Jet?

This article is about Gulfstream's new G800 aircraft. It includes information about the features and performance of the aircraft as well as expectatio ...

By Jack Jarzynka • 10/14/2021
Air Service Potentially Returning to St. Augustine?

This article provides information about the past airlines of St Augustine airport as well as one of the future ones. There are also some statistics an ...

By Brandon McLeish • 09/08/2021
Alaska Airlines to Codeshare with Qatar

Alaska Airlines and Qatar Airways recently announced a codesharing agreement on 150 flights across the US. This move comes after a string of announcem ...

By Davis Turner • 07/01/2021
Why U.S. Budget Airlines are Optimistic About Post-COVID Travel Numbers

Ultra-low-cost carriers in the U.S. see a lot of room to expand in the post-pandemic travel boom. Why is this and what do these airline leaders think ...

By Patrick Daly • 06/26/2021
Will the 777X be Profitable for Boeing?

The Boeing 777X program has faced many stumbles over the years, costing Boeing a lot of money. But will Boeing ever be able to sell more than the curr ...

By Tyler Giunchi • 05/24/2021
What was the Pepsi Concorde?

Air France let the Pepsi Company paint one of their aircraft blue for a marketing program. But why would Pepsi do that?

By Tyler Giunchi • 05/19/2021
Southwest's Profitability Streak is Over: Thoughts and Implications

Southwest announced in late January of 2021 that they were not profitable in 2020, the first year since 1972. Due to the pandemic, this was not shocki ...

By Davis Turner • 05/17/2021
What Happened to AirTran?

If you followed the aviation industry before 2010, you probably remember hearing about AirTran, an Atlanta-based carrier that was around from 1993 to ...

By Tyler Giunchi • 05/04/2021
The Airbus Beluga vs. The Boeing Dreamlifter

What are the major differences between the Airbus Beluga and the Boeing Dreamlifter?

By Tyler Giunchi • 05/04/2021
Why Louisville is Home to UPS's Worldport

UPS worldport plays a vital role in the infrastructure of the company. So what is so important about it and why Louisville?

By Tyler Giunchi • 05/02/2021
The European Aviation Industry - Will it ever be the same?

An update on the awful situation in Europe. Will the aviation industry be the same?

By Luca Azim • 04/19/2021
Cargo-Only Flights Explained

Before the pandemic, 5-10% of the revenue that airlines brought in was from cargo aboard passenger flights. Once passenger flights began decreasing, a ...

By Tyler Giunchi • 04/18/2021
Huntsville International Airport: What Went Wrong?

Huntsville airport was set to be the next UPS world port due to its central location. It was used a lot during the space race because the Marshall Spa ...

By Tyler Giunchi • 04/11/2021
WOW Air Two Years Later: Where it All Went Wrong

On the 28th March 2019, WOW air ceased operations. What went wrong with the airline? Why did WOW air collapse?

By Vikas Anand • 03/25/2021
Singapore Airlines and the Concorde: What Went Wrong?

In the year 1977, British Airways wanted to expand its Concorde services eastwards and partnered with Singapore Airlines. This venture saw Singapore A ...

By Vikas Anand • 03/24/2021
Berlin Brandenburg Airport: Is It Doomed?

An update on the Berlin Brandenburg Airport

By Luca Azim • 03/12/2021
Brief Overview of the GE9X

A summary of the GE9X engine which will be fitted to the 777X aircraft.

By Vikas Anand • 02/17/2021
Boeing 737 MAX Issues in a Nutshell.

A summary of the reasons why the Boeing 737 MAX was grounded for nearly 2 years.

By Vikas Anand • 01/17/2021
A Guide to Vancouver Airports

Given the wide range of diversity in the Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area, from popular seaplane operations to plenty of charter aircraft, spottin ...

By Gabriel Shepherd • 12/06/2020
COVID-19 and Its Lasting Mark on the Recovery of U.S. Commercial Aviation

A glance at the recovery of the aviation industry from an economic standpoint.

By JV Mehta • 12/05/2020
Airport Operations (Overview)

If you have been to an airport before, it's always good to familiarize yourself with its day-to-day operations. Every airport has four types of operat ...

By Andy Zhao • 12/04/2020
Vancouver International Airport (Overview)

Vancouver International Airport ( CYVR) is the second busiest airport in Canada behind Toronto Pearson International Airport ( CYYZ) in Toronto. It ha ...

By Andy Zhao • 12/02/2020
Airline Black Friday Deals - The Complete List

As the holiday season nears, many airlines are releasing black Friday deals in order to encourage more people to fly. Some airlines have gone to great ...

By Daniel Mena • 11/24/2020
Inside Preparations for the WW2 Flyover

WASHINGTON - On a cloudy Thursday morning, media and press gathered at an undisclosed airport near Washington D.C. The occasion?

By Mogami Kariya • 09/26/2020
How Are Flight Plans Filed?

Have you ever wondered how flight plans are filed? Learn more here.

By Emmett Chung • 09/07/2020
The Essential Air Service Explained

Without federal intervention in routes, airlines in the 70s began to focus on the "hub and spoke" model rather than the "point to point" model, leavin ...

By Emmett Chung • 08/08/2020
Mexico's Interjet Thrown Lifeline With $150 Million Investment

Mexico's Interjet had been bound to fail despite the disastrous effects the Coronavirus had on Mexican (and worldwide) aviation. However, in these try ...

By JV Mehta • 07/14/2020
Canada's Government has Failed Canadian Airlines

Airlines around the world are struggling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite making record-breaking profits over the last few years, these last few ...

By Brandon Siska • 07/10/2020
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By TheExplorerBlog.com Staff • 05/19/2020
TheExplorerBlog Photo Screening FAQ

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Alaska Airlines "Proudly All Boeing"

After acquiring Sir Richard Branson’s American subsidiary, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines' Boeing jets still wear a sticker on their nose saying "P ...

By Jasper Kringen • 05/08/2020
How United Airlines Will Rebound From COVID-19: An Opinion

United Airlines has been heavily affected by COVID-19. How will they rebound? Find out in this informational and opinion-based article.

By Winston Shek • 04/12/2020
When Will Aviation Return to Normal?

Right now, the aviation industry, along with the rest of the world, is in decline. COVID-19 has affected everyone and everything, including the world ...

By Kyle Jonas • 04/07/2020
The Complete List of U.S. Airlines Affected by COVID-19

There’s no doubt the aviation industry has been affected by COVID-19, and many airlines have made dramatic changes to their operations. Here are the ...

By Bryan Wu • 03/29/2020
2020 Airshows: East Coast

Live on the east coast and wondering which airshows to visit? Here is a list of some action-packed, thrilling aviation events happening this year!

By Mogami Kariya • 03/10/2020
Delta's New A320neos Will Have an Improved First Class

Delta has orders for 100 of Airbus's new A320neos. They plan to sport them with seats that more closely resemble their international hard product, Del ...

By Daniel Mena • 02/23/2020
A Guide to Fifth-Freedom Flights

Fifth-freedom flights are flights between two cities that are not the airline's home base. For example, an airline is based in city A, and it flies to ...

By Peter Lam • 02/22/2020
The Most Family Friendly Airlines of 2020

Lastminute.com just released their list of the most Family Friendly Airlines of 2020.

By Daniel Mena • 02/21/2020
How to Fly United's New Polaris for just 25000 Miles

When I was searching for flights the other day, I found a flight on a United 777-200 with New Polaris for just 25,000 miles! I'm here to share the inf ...

By Daniel Mena • 02/14/2020
Safest Airlines for 2020

AirlineRatings.com has released a list of the safest airlines for 2020

By Kyle Jonas • 01/05/2020
TheExplorerBlog Photo Guidelines

What guidelines do you need to follow if you want to upload to TheExplorerBlog?

By TheExplorerBlog.com Staff • 12/29/2019
TheExplorerBlog Article Guidelines

We strive to make our community fair and safe. That being said, we have a list of guidelines that our screeners follow to ensure that our website only ...

By TheExplorerBlog.com Staff • 12/24/2019
The Boeing 747 Routes and Retirement Plans

It is the Boeing 747. We all know it as the Queen of the Skies. Even though it is very popular and several airlines throughout the world are still fly ...

By Peter Lam • 12/24/2019
A New Uber, but For Airplanes

A new app was released, named BlackBird, which pairs private pilots to customers for as little as $50 per flight, is becoming more and more popular in ...

By Daniel Mena • 12/23/2019
A Look at the United Airlines Fleet.

United Airlines is one of America's most well-known airlines. They have been around since 1926 and have one of the largest airline fleets in the world ...

By Tyler Giunchi • 12/20/2019
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This article outlines the conditions required in order for an article to be considered breaking news.

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 06/28/2021
AeroXplorer Privacy Policy

AeroXplorer Privacy Policy

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 02/28/2021
AeroXplorer Terms of Service

AeroXplorer Terms of Service

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