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Dec. 2019
Daniel Mena | Founder & President
Location: Washington, D.C. Area
Daniel is a 16-year-old aviation photographer from the Washington D.C. area. He was born in West Islip, New York, a town located immediately under the JFK approach path. Every day, he would watch planes land and yearn to fly with alongside them. As a non-revenue passenger, Daniel flew often, even sitting next to a celebrity on one of his flights. When he was ten years old, his family moved to the D.C. area, where he began to experiment with web development. Over the years, he progressed his knowledge from front end to back end to full stack development. He has recently even begun developing mobile and desktop applications, and is currently experimenting with Deicing track and scheduling programming.
 About a year ago, Daniel created an Instagram account and decided to begin plane spotting. Through this passios, he has met many great people and traveled to many cool places. He continues to express his passion in many different ways; one of which being this blog.
Arkin Si | Vice President
Location: San Francisco
Arkin is a high school aviation photographer based out of SFO. He first got into aviation by going to Bayfront Park frequently when he was young. After learning how to push a button, he started using a point and shoot before he learned how to use a dslr. Now, he enjoys spotting with his fellow SFO spotters and spotting in different airports around the bay and world. His favorite part about aviation photography is the creativeness that photography provides. When editing, he loves to experiment with the sliders and try new things. When not taking pictures or editing, he is doing homework or playing games.
Jacob Pfister | Chief Operations Officer
Location: San Francisco
Kyle Jonas | Editor-in-chief
Location: Chicago
Kyle is a high-school age aviation enthusiast born in Washington, D.C. but living in Chicago. He has always loved aviation. He lives right in between the approach paths for ORD and MDW, so he can watch the wide variety of aircraft land from his house. He hopes to become a commercial pilot when he grows older. In addition to aviation, Kyle likes baseball and running. You can check out his plane spotting pictures on Instagram @midwest_aviation.
Ben Kogan | Chief Marketing Officer
Location: Chicago
Ben is a high school age aviation spotter who is based in Chicago. He lives right under the departure path for ORD, so he can hear the loud roars of different aircraft departing and sometimes get some photos of them. A couple of years ago, he went with his friend to spot at ORD and since then he has loved aviation. In addition to aviation spotting, Ben plays tennis and participates in tech Crew for theatrical productions. He also has an Instagram account, @chi.town.aviation where he post all of his spotting pics.
Calvin Stewart | Design Team Admin
Location: San Francisco
Tejas Bhatia | Director of Public Relations
Location: Dallas
Tejas is a aviation photographer in the DFW area in North Texas. He is going to be beginning his Freshman year in High School this fall. He loves aviation and has been a professional plane spotter for the Past One Year and a Half. He lives right on the Approach path of DFW Airport and goes spotting very often with his dad. He loves to try to learn ways he can improve his photos. Other than Aviation, Tejas is an avid Tennis Player as well as a cross country runner for his school. He is involved in many different school groups such as Student Council (in which he was elected to three times) as well Theatre. To check out his plane spotting pictures, you should visit his Instagram account @dtxjets.
Demetrios Mena | Videographer
Location: Washington, D.C. Area
Mike Ganoe Jr. | Database Manager, Military Rep.
Location: Virginia Beach
Jackson Moskowitz | Outreach Team Member
Location: Atlanta
Thomas Westlake | Outreach Team Member
Location: Vancouver
Panteley Shmelev | Director of Screening
Location: Singapore
Panteley is an aviation photographer based in the world's best airport (in his opinion), Changi Airport Singapore. He started liking aviation as he used to travel often and enjoyed airplane rides. He started doing research on different planes when he was ten years old and began learning how to build and fly RC planes. He participated in some RC flying competitions as well! Around 3 years ago, his classmate introduced him to planespotting and ever since, planespotting has been Panteley's main hobby. Whenever he has time, he explores new spotting locations and finds really cool angles to shoot from.
Michael Hai | Outreach Team Member
Location: Tel Aviv
Jasper Kringen | Outreach Team Member
Location: Portland
Ethan Peters | Outreach Team Member
Location: Seattle
Caleb Fleming | Photography Team Member
Location: Denver
Luke Wittig | Photography Team Member
Location: Columbus
Jack Goldberg | Photo Screener
Location: Washington, D.C. Area
Luke Ayers | Photo Screener
Location: San Antonio
Ryan Wang | Photo Screener
Location: Singapore
Rynjil Harwood | Photo Screeer
Location: Denver
Andrew Bissonnette | Photo Screener
Location: Cincinnati
Andrew is a high school age aviation photographer, based in Cincinnati. Inspired by aviation at an early age of 5, Andrew has always had an interest in aviation and photography. Starting with a point and shoot camera in his backyard in 2017, he soon was at local airports getting pictures. By 2019, he had upgraded to a DSLR and took photography more seriously. Andrew also has a dream of becoming a pilot, and is currently is attending flight school to obtain his PPL.
Eric Anstine | Photo Screener
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Eric is a 15-year-old aviation photographer from the York Pa area. As a young child his father took him up to his hometown airport, York KTHV. Around the age of 6 Eric fell in love with aviation. It wasn't until 2017 that he decided he wanted to do photography. He got his first camera back in early 2018. He taught himself about aviation & aviation photography. Eric got his second and current camera in early 2019, a Canon T6. "It has been a learning process" says Eric. Eric is hoping to inspire others into aviation by sharing his photos and videos. "I want to make a better, bigger & stronger aviation community for everyone!" Eric has met his closest friends through aviation and they only made his passion stronger. In the future Eric hopes to get his PPL and ATC certification. You can check his photos out on Instagram @ema_avphotos.
Jai Vir Mehta | Writing Team Member
Location: San Francisco
Patrick Daly | Writing Team Member
Location: Austin
Patrick is an aviation enthusiast from Austin, Texas. He grew up with a love for planes, and in 2018, he started plane spotting. Soon after, he created his Instagram aviation account, @just_planepictures. He has met so many amazing people and has learned so much from aviation, and hopes to continue meeting new people and learning much more in the future!
Emmett Chung | Writing Team Member
Location: San Francisco
Gabriel Shepherd | Writing Team Member
Location: Vancouver