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ANALYSIS: Iran's Airstrikes Have Destroyed its Aviation Industry

Iran aviation has a long and complicated history. Although being predominantly domestic, sanctions have limited their expansion into other regions.

By Lukas Woerner • 04/16/2024
The A320's First Passenger Flight Ended Horribly: The Crash of Air France Flight 296Q

Air France flight AF296Q was a chartered demonstration flight for the then brand-new Airbus A320. However, things did not go as planned on the day of ...

By Sanghyun Kim • 04/10/2024
The World's Longest Eco-Friendly Flight

The conversation about aviation and sustainability has recently revolved around sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). One company has been very progressive ...

By Lukas Woerner • 04/10/2024
What It's Like to Fly a Plane Through a Hurricane

Pilots avoid flying in poor weather conditions to prevent disturbances and catastrophic events. However, hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone hunters regul ...

By Öyküm Gelen • 04/08/2024

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