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The Most Turbulent Flights in the World

Turbulence is a common phenomenon experienced on flights all across the world. However, factors such as weather that greatly influence turbulence are ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 05/23/2024
JetBlue Announces Major Puerto Rico Expansion; New Mint Service

JetBlue announces major expansion in Puerto Rico with six new routes and upgrades six routes to include Mint business class.

By Jasper Yu-Dawidowicz • 05/11/2024
The Longest Flights Between Europe and Asia

Analyzing the longest flights in the world can be eye-opening as sometimes you will learn about routes you never knew existed. We've been publishing q ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 04/13/2024
The World's Top 10 Longest Flights Ranked by Distance

Technology continues to modernize and evolve our world as we know it. One of these ways is via air travel, which has undoubtedly shrunk the world and ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 04/11/2024

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