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United Airlines Offers Pilots a Month Off

Calvin Stewart | 03/01/2020

United Airlines has offered pilots a month off at a reduced pay due to flight cuts.


Delta and American Suspend Flights to Milan

Calvin Stewart | 03/01/2020

Coronavirus isn't only affecting flights to Asia. Now, flights to Italy are also being suspended.


TSA Screeners in San Jose test positive for COVID-19

Calvin Stewart | 03/11/2020

3 TSA screeners at Mineta San Jose International Airport have tested positive for COVID-19


Aircraft Retirements Accelerated Due to COVID-19

Winston Shek | 03/17/2020

Many iconic aircraft are being forced into retirement due to the ongoing COVID-19. Which aircraft are being forced into early retirement? Click to see more details


Airlines Ground Airbus A380s Due to COVID-19

Peter Lam | 03/17/2020

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, people are not willing to travel in order to avoid getting infected, causing air travel to be severely impacted. Routes usually operated by the Airbus A380 are key routes with high passenger demand. Now that this demand is getting significantly low due to the virus, airlines are finding ways to reduce costs, either by reducing the amount of daily services or by using smaller and more fuel-efficient aircraft on these services. Therefore, a majority of the A380 operators have chosen to ground their A380s for a period of time, and use smaller aircraft on these usually high-demand services.


Alitalia to be Fully Owned by the National Government

Peter Lam | 03/18/2020

Italy is currently the country with the most cases of COVID-19 outside of mainland China. Therefore, Alitalia, the Italian flag carrier, has been even more impacted due to the virus. Therefore, the Italian goverment said on Monday that it will take full control of the airline, and will help them as losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic is combined with the financial difficulties it previously experienced.


Airlines Request $50 Billion From U.S. Government

Kyle Jonas | 03/19/2020

U.S. airlines are asking the federal government for $50,000,000,000 in financial aid after taking major hits due to the Coronavirus outbreak. People are canceling their flight bookings, forcing airlines to give refunds. People are scared to fly, and with the travel restriction between the U.S. and Europe, people are not able to get on flights.


Vietnam Airlines Suspends All International Flights

Peter Lam | 03/21/2020

While the Southeastern country of Vietnam has only 76 cases of COVID-19, the Vietnamese government has put a lot of restrictions in place to prevent the virus from entering and spreading in Vietnam. Also, other neighboring countries are now restricing foreigners from entering their countries. These two causes have led to the flag carrier of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines, being forced to suspend all of its international services. This will be taking place between now and April 30th of this year (2020).


Southwest Airlines to Postpone 1,000 Daily Routes Through April

Ben Kogan | 03/21/2020

Southwest Airlines is getting ready for major schedule reductions starting this weekend. From Sunday, March 22nd, Southwest Airlines will start to cancel 1,000 of its nearly 4,000 daily flights.


Emirates Group Suspends Most Flights Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Calvin Stewart | 03/22/2020

Emirates is suspending most of its passenger flights amid the outbreak of COVID-19.


Singapore Airlines to Cut 96% of Capacity

Arkin Si | 03/23/2020

Singapore Airlines, one of the main airlines based in Singapore, has announced it will be cutting 96% of its capacity by the end of April 2020. Out of 147 aircraft that Singapore Airlines and Silk Air have, 138 will be grounded. This means that there will be 9 aircraft left in service.


Boeing to Stop Production After Employee COVID-19 Death

Ben Kogan | 03/24/2020

Boeing has made the decision to suspend production in Seattle-area facilities after a worker died from the novel coronavirus. This suspension will start on March 25th for a period of 14 days.


The Complete List of U.S. Airlines Affected by COVID-19

Bryan Wu | 03/29/2020

There’s no doubt the aviation industry has been affected by COVID-19, and many airlines have made dramatic changes to their operations. Here are the lists of airlines in the US who've made major changes due to COVID-19, as of 3/29/2020.


When Will Aviation Return to Normal?

Kyle Jonas | 04/07/2020

Right now, the aviation industry, along with the rest of the world, is in decline. COVID-19 has affected everyone and everything, including the world of flying. Airlines have cut routes, pilots have been forced to go on furlough, airlines, including the U.K. airline FlyBe have collapsed, aircraft have been grounded and even retired, airport and airline staff have been laid off, and many other ill effects.


Trump Administration Releases Financial Aid Package for U.S. Airlines

Daniel Mena | 04/11/2020

After meeting with Steven Mnuchin, the United States Secretary of Treasury, Donald Trump and his administration has released an financial aid package that includes the larger airlines repaying loans with interest after the pandemic is over.


Three Passenger Air Canada Planes Transformed into Cargo Aircraft

Daniel Mena | 04/11/2020

Air Canada announced this morning that they will transform three of their Boeing 777-300ERs into temporary cargo aircraft to transport vital supplies into Canada. The first aircraft is complete, with the next two aircraft being transformed soon.


Terminal at Singapore Changi Closes Due to Pandemic

Peter Lam | 04/12/2020

As a result of the low demand for travel caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Singapore's Minister for Transport, Khaw Boon Wan decided on Monday, April 6th, that Singapore Changi's Terminal 2 will be closed. This will go into effect on May 1st, and will last for 18 months.


How United Airlines Will Rebound From COVID-19: An Opinion

Winston Shek | 04/12/2020

United Airlines has been heavily affected by COVID-19. How will they rebound? Find out in this informational and opinion-based article.


Boeing to Reopen Multiple Factories Amid Pandemic

Daniel Mena | 04/18/2020

Last month, Boeing decided to close their factories to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, just last Friday, they announced that they will reopen their factories in Puget Sound (Washington State), Philadelphia, and possibly Ohio.


AirAsia Plans to Resume Domestic Flights

Kyle Jonas | 04/19/2020

AirAsia, a low cost carries that flies around Asia, is planning to restart scheduled domestic flights around Malaysia on April 29, 2020. This will be followed by flights in Thailand and the Philippines on May 1, India on May 4, and Indonesia on May 7. This is all subject to approval from each country's governments. These flights are open to booking on the airlines website.


South African Airways Close to Liquidation

Kyle  Jonas and Winston Shek | 04/19/2020

According to multiple sources, South African Airways is nearing collapse. The carrier is currently in the process of laying off all of its staff. The move comes days after the government of South Africa cut off aid to South African Airways.


Virgin Australia to Enter "Voluntary Administration"

Tejas B. | 04/22/2020

According to Multiple Sources, Australia’s second largest airline, Virgin Australia, has entered "voluntary administration". Read more here.


Air Mauritius Enters "Voluntary Administration"

Tejas Bhatia | 04/23/2020

Air Mauritius enters Voluntary Administration


JetSuite Grounds Its Fleet And Furloughs Crew

Winston Shek | 04/26/2020

JetSuite has grounded its fleet and furloughed its crew amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Vietnam Airlines Operates Repatriation Flights to the US, Canada, and Europe

Winston Shek | 04/29/2020

Amid COVID-19, many foreign governments are looking to evacuate citizens back to their home country.  Foreign governments charter aircraft from their national carrier(s) known as repatriation flights.  According to sources, foreign governments are doing this by chartering Vietnam Airlines to fly to more than 10 countries, rescuing citizens stuck in the country due to the international travel ban.


Wizz Air To Be First European Low Cost Carrier to Launch Flights to Abu Dhabi

Winston Shek | 05/03/2020

Wizz Air will be the first European LCC to launch flights to Abu Dhabi amid the COVID-19 crisis.


American Airlines to Retire A330-300

Ben S | 05/05/2020

A brief rundown of the retirement of American Airlines A330-300. American Airlines is retiring their A330-300 series which they inherited from US Airways when they merged in 2013.


Norwegian Air to Ground a Majority of Their Fleet Until April 2021

Tejas Bhatia | 05/05/2020

Norwegian Air says it will keep the majority of its fleet grounded until April 2021.


Is LAX's Status as a United Hub on the Chopping Block?

JV Mehta | 05/06/2020

United Airlines has just announced the closure of Los Angeles International's Boeing 787 pilot base. Could this signal the end of LAX as a United hub?


Air Canada to Accelerate Retirement of 79 Aircraft

Peter Lam | 05/06/2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian flag carrier, Air Canada, has reported a loss of $1.05 billion. As a result, the airline will be speeding up the retirement of 79 planes, with some retired with immediate effect.


Frontier Airlines to offer special tickets

Calvin Stewart | 05/06/2020

Frontier Airlines will offer special tickets that buy the middle seat starting May 8.


American Airlines A330-200 Being Sent to Long Term Storage

Ben S | 05/07/2020

A brief rundown of the American A330-200s being put into long term storage.


Alaska Airlines "Proudly All Boeing"

Jasper Kringen | 05/08/2020

After acquiring Sir Richard Branson’s American subsidiary, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines' Boeing jets still wear a sticker on their nose saying "Proudly All Boeing" despite the fact that they operate 71 Airbus A320 family jets. Indications from the Pacific Northwest based firm show that they may emerge from the current COVID-19 situation aiming for an all Boeing 737 mainline fleet.


Boeing to Resume 737 MAX Production

Calvin Stewart | 05/08/2020

Boeing is reportedly preparing to resume the production of the 737 MAX.


Virgin Atlantic To Retire 747, Close Gatwick, Cut Jobs

Winston Shek | 05/08/2020

Virgin Atlantic will retire its 747 fleet, close down its Gatwick base temporarily, and cut many jobs. How will this affect the Engish carrier?


Avianca Files for Bankruptcy

Calvin Stewart | 05/10/2020

Latin America's second-biggest airline, Avianca, has filed for bankruptcy amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Pakistan International Airlines Operates Repatriation Flights to the United States

Winston Shek | 05/11/2020

Pakistan International Airlines will operate repatriation flights to certain cities in the U.S. Want to know if it's to your local airport? Read this article to find out.


LATAM and Delta to Partner in Trans-American Joint Venture

Tejas Bhatia | 05/12/2020

Delta Airlines has signed a Joint Venture program with South American Carrier LATAM


Delta Airlines to Retire 777

Daniel Mena | 05/15/2020

Delta Airlines will retire its Boeing 777 fleet. Learn more by clicking on the article.


Thai Airways Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Winston Shek | 05/18/2020

The flag carrier of Thailand, Thai Airways files for bankruptcy protection, following in other carrier's footsteps. Click to read more.


Air France To Retire Its A380 Fleet

Winston Shek | 05/20/2020

Air France will retire its fleet of A380's amid the COVID-19. With the anticipated drop in demand, Air France


United to Launch CleanPlus Product in an Initiative to Encourage More People to Fly

Daniel Mena | 05/21/2020

Yesterday, United Airlines announced their initiative to promote safety when flying: United CleanPlus. Through a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic and Clorox, the goal of this project is to ensure safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19 during all stages of the travel experience.


Lufthansa To Receive 9 Billion Euros in Government Aid

Winston Shek | 05/25/2020

Lufthansa will receive 9 billion euros in government aid, according to sources, amid the global COVID-19 economic crisis. Click to read more.


LATAM Airlines Files for U.S. Bankruptcy Protection

Panteley Shmelev | 05/30/2020

LATAM, Latin America's largest carrier, said it would continue to fly through its bankruptcy restructuring.


Mitsubishi and Bombardier Secure Deal Valued At Over $700 million For CRJ Program

Daniel Mena | 06/08/2020

On June 1, exactly one week ago, Bombardier and Mitsubishi secured a deal valuing at over $550 million USD. Mitsubishi also promised liabilities on the aircraft worth up to $200 million USD.


British Airways Under Fire Due to New Employment Policies

Kyle Jonas | 06/14/2020

British Airways is now under fire for the way it wants to approach employment during Covid-19, which includes firing around 12,000 employees and downgrading the terms and conditions of other employees.


Iberia Accelerates Retirement of A340-600 Fleet

JV Mehta | 06/18/2020

Spanish flag carrier Iberia plans on retiring its fleet of A340-600s earlier than expected. Read more to find out why.


Bamboo Airways Announces Ambitious Route Expansion From October

Winston Shek | 06/20/2020

Bamboo Airways will relaunch routes and expand to new frontiers internationally. Can you guess what they are going to add? Click to read more.


JetBlue Announces 30-Route Network Expansion

JV Mehta | 06/25/2020

American hybrid carrier jetBlue has announced a network expansion of 30 routes. Read more to find out the carrier's rationale for announcing such a bold action.


Air Belgium Studies U.S. Service, Announces Mauritius Flights

JV Mehta | 06/27/2020

Air Belgium is looking into beginning service to the U.S. and plans to begin service to the island nation of Mauritius.


Aeromexico Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Winston Shek | 06/30/2020

Aeromexico filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Click for a in-depth analysis on the situation.


Airbus to Cut 15,000 Jobs Amidst Covid-19

Kyle Jonas | 07/01/2020

One of the largest aircraft manufacturers, Airbus, will be cutting around 15,000 jobs due to the lull in production as a result of Coronavirus. In February, they stopped production of the a320 in Asia in hopes of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Many airlines have also grounded the A380, which is now in the process of being rapidly phased out. In fact, Air France recently retired their final aircraft of the type.


EasyJet Closes Bases and Cuts Staff

Kyle Jonas | 07/01/2020

The U.K. based budget airline, EasyJet, has announced they will close their bases and may cut 30% of its pilots.


El Al Suspends All Flights Until Further Notice

Kyle Jonas | 07/02/2020

The Israeli flag carrier, El Al, has grounded its fleet indefinitely. This has come after the pilot's union announced they would not fly due to the airline's financial troubles.


Air France to Cut 6,500 Jobs by 2022

Kyle Jonas | 07/03/2020

According to multiple sources, Air France "aims to present a plan to trade unions to cut just over 6,500 jobs over the next two years." In addition to the 6,500 employees set to be released, which includes pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff, HOP! which is a small airline that is owned by and part of Air France, plans to cut around 1,000 jobs.


Air Canada Announces Domestic Route Closures

Bryan Wu | 07/05/2020

Air Canada announces the closure of 30 domestic routes, along with suspending operations at 8 airports.


India's DGCA Lengthens International Flight Ban

JV Mehta | 07/05/2020

India's DGCA has extended the international flight ban until August, at the earliest. Read more to find out why.


Royal Air Maroc Lays Off 30% of Its Staff, Liquidates 20 Aircraft, Cancel Flights to South America

Winston Shek | 07/05/2020

Royal Air Maroc will undergo a drastic restructuring of its operations to lessen the effects of the current financial situation. Among the efforts include laying off staff, liquidating its aircraft, and cutting routes.


What It's like to Fly During A Global Pandemic

Bella Nava | 07/06/2020

A brief article on what it's like to fly on Southwest during a Pandemic


Canada's Government has Failed Canadian Airlines

Brandon Siska | 07/10/2020

Airlines around the world are struggling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite making record-breaking profits over the last few years, these last few months have been extremely difficult. Airlines are losing millions of dollars a day, prompting governments around the world to step in financially and keep airlines flying. Canada, though, has not.


Jetblue Announces LAX Expansion, Ends Operation at LGB

Winston Shek | 07/11/2020

Jetblue has announced a massive LAX expansion along with the end of its LGB operation. Click for an in-depth analysis.


Flying on the Delta MD-90

Julian Waller | 07/13/2020

A trip report of a flight on Delta's MD-90.


Mexico's Interjet Thrown Lifeline With $150 Million Investment

JV Mehta | 07/14/2020

Mexico's Interjet had been bound to fail despite the disastrous effects the Coronavirus had on Mexican (and worldwide) aviation. However, in these trying times for the airline, an investment group has thrown the failing low-cost carrier a lifeline in the form of a $150 million investment, in order to make Interjet "the most important airline in Mexico." Will the plans of these investors be realized, or do you think Interjet will eventually go under?


Emirates Flies A380 For First Time in 4 Months

Patrick Daly | 07/16/2020

Emirates flew its A380 for the first time on two flights on July 15.


Breaking News: British Airways Retires 747

Winston Shek | 07/16/2020

British Airways will retire its 747 fleet, according to an internal memo. Click to read more.


Icelandair Fires all Flight Attendants, Replaces Them With Pilots

Patrick Daly | 07/18/2020

Icelandair fired all of its flight attendants after negotiations between the Airline and the cabin crew failed.


Washington Dulles Airport to Close Runway 1R/19L Until September

Daniel Mena | 07/21/2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some airports have took this opportunity to help renovate or grow their airport facilities.  Washington Dulles International Airport will close their Runway 1R/19L according to the FAA until September 3, 2020.


Embraer Delays Launch of E175-E2 Until 2023

Winston Shek | 08/05/2020

Embraer has delayed the launch of its E175-E2 until 2023. Click to read more.


American to Lay Off 19,000 Employees

Patrick Daly | 08/27/2020

American Airlines intends to lay off 19,000 employees by October 1st, unless airlines are given financial assistance from Congress.


United to Permanently Waive Change Fees and Introduce Complimentary Same-Day Standby

Daniel Mena | 08/31/2020

United Airlines has announced that they will be removing change fees for domestic flights effective immediately. Additionally, United customers will have the ability to fly standby for free on same-day routes beginning January 1 of next year. This will make United Airlines the first U.S. legacy airline to enact these change fee policies.


EVA Air Changes Order of Boeing 787-10s to 777Fs and 787-9s

Winston Shek | 08/31/2020

Many airlines have been forced to defer aircraft deliveries for the year. Recently, rumors circulated about negotiations for its Boeing 787-10 order. While rumors came about deferrals and cancellations, EVA Air has finally confirmed that it will convert its order of 7 Boeing 787-10's to 3 Boeing 777F's and 4 Boeing 787-9's.


Spirit Airlines Announces New Flights To Orange County

Winston Shek | 09/01/2020

Spirit Airlines has announced new flights to Orange County, otherwise known as John Wayne Airport, according to a press release. Among its new destinations include Oakland and Los Angeles.


Smooth Flying for the MAX?

Kyle Jonas | 10/09/2020

A few months ago, things seemed hopeless for the 737 MAX. The MAX has been grounded worldwide for over fifteen months after two crashes that killed over 300 people. Since then, Boeing has been making adjustments to the plane, trying to get it recertified and deemed airworthy once again. Boeing has, of course, experienced difficulty during this time, with lawsuits, investigations, canceled orders, loss of customers, loss of trust, and to make matters worse, COVID-19. But now, as the MAX enters the final stages of the recertification process, it seems as if things may start going Boeing's way.


United Offers Rapid Tests for Transatlantic Flights

Emmett Chung | 10/30/2020

United Airlines recently announced it would begin offering a free transatlantic COVID-19 testing program for travelers headed from Newark to London-Heathrow. The testing program is set to begin on November 16 and last four weeks, until December 11.


Delta Retires Entire 777 Fleet

Patrick Daly | 10/31/2020

Today, Delta Airlines is set to retire the 777 aircraft from their fleet. The final flight will be from JFK to LAX.


YVR Cancels $600 Million Terminal Modification

Gabriel Shepherd | 11/29/2020

Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, the multi-million dollar YVR terminal expansion project has been deemed unnecessary with the decreased volume of travelers.


United Airlines Announces Plan to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine

Emmett Chung | 11/30/2020

United Airlines has announced a plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of Pfizer. How will they distribute them? Read this article to learn more.


WestJet Offers Rapid COVID Tests on Select Flights

Gabriel Shepherd | 12/02/2020

It's been in the works for a while now, but a joint study with the Vancouver International Airport and Westjet are allowing passengers to take a Covid-19 rapid test. This comes shortly after United Airlines's announcement that they would be offering rapid tests on flights between Newark and London. As of Friday, November 27, passengers on select flights can opt-in for these tests.


COVID-19 and Its Lasting Mark on the Recovery of U.S. Commercial Aviation

JV Mehta | 12/05/2020

A glance at the recovery of the aviation industry from an economic standpoint.


American Airlines Begins Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine

Patrick Daly | 12/15/2020

On Sunday, American Airlines flew its very first flight carrying shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccines, whose final destination would be a U.S. territory in the Caribbean, were flown from Chicago (ORD) to Miami (MIA) onboard a Boeing 777-200. American has joined a number of other airlines in the effort to distribute the newly authorized vaccine throughout the country.


Heathrow Receives Approval to Build Third Runway

Patrick Daly | 12/17/2020

The UK's Supreme court has given the approval for a third runway at London's Heathrow Airport. The approval comes after a great amount of controversy surrounding the new runway, which had previously been put on pause by the United Kingdom's Court of Appeals. This decision has now been overturned by the nation's Supreme Court.


United Flight Diverted due to COVID-19 Medical Emergency

Emmett Chung | 12/18/2020

A United passenger died after having a heart attack midflight this week only for his wife to later reveal he was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Read on to find out about this disturbing incident.


Berlin Airport (BER) Faces Problems in the Second Month After Opening

Luca Azim  | 12/22/2020

The infamous Berlin Airport (BER) now faces awful problems no one could have predicted.


JetSmart Commences Flights Between Santiago and Salvador

San Junior | 01/12/2021

At the end of December 2020, the Brazilian summer season began strong with the commencement of flights between Santiago de Chile and Salvador by the Chilean airline JetSmart. Despite the pandemic, and the beginning of mass vaccination in the world, JetSmart is optimistic to repeat the success of last season, where it transported about eleven thousand passengers between the two cities.


Airlines Improve Safety Ahead of Presidential Inauguration

Emmett Chung | 01/16/2021

Legacy carriers are taking unprecedented action to avoid a repeat of last Wednesday's violence in Washington


Europe Explores Standardized COVID Passports

Patrick Daly | 01/22/2021

The European Commission is working on a standard COVID vaccine passport, which would allow for an easy verification that one is vaccinated. If completed, this would allow for more effortless travel between participants. Officials from these countries plan to meet virtually this week to look deeper into making this a reality. So far, a number of countries have already shown their support for this idea, hinting that it could be widely approved in the near future.


Flying Domestically with SAS During COVID

Sander Tomassen | 01/28/2021

Join me as I fly with SAS domestically from Trondheim to Oslo and back.


Cathay Pacific Ends Mask Mandate for Select Passengers

Patrick Daly | 02/09/2021

In an internal memo sent to Cathay Pacific staff members, the airline announced to its workers that there would be times that select passengers could remove their masks during flight.


Etihad Becomes First Airline to Have all Crewmembers Vaccinated

Patrick Daly | 02/12/2021

Emirates has become the first major airline to have all of their cabin crew vaccinated for the Coronavirus.


Ryanair to Deliver 16 Lawsuits Over Selective Government Subsidies

Kyle Jonas | 02/17/2021

Ryanair will be challenging the European Union's General Court and appealing to the European Court of Justice after losing its legal battle against state bailouts, which were granted to rival flag carriers, including Air France-KLM and SAS during COVID-19.


Lufthansa Announces Summer 2021 Route Expansion

Kyle Jonas | 02/27/2021

Lufthansa has announced its upcoming route plans for the summer of 2021. With the growing worldwide introduction of vaccines, Lufthansa is preparing for travel to quickly ramp up again.


Lufthansa to Set Up Covid Lounge in Moscow

Kyle Jonas | 03/03/2021

Lufthansa announced that they plan to set up a "Covid Lounge" for wealthier passengers in Moscow Airport. Germany has a vaccine shortage, and the lounge will allow rich patrons to fly to Moscow and receive Russia's Sputnik V vaccine without ever actually entering the country.


FAA Cracks Down on Unruly Passengers Refusing to Wear Masks

Emmett Chung | 03/31/2021

The FAA is cracking down on passengers who refuse to comply with mask and social distancing measures onboard. Not long after taking office, President Joe Biden announced a federal mask mandate on public transportation, including airplanes which have been supported by infectious disease experts at the CDC. The TSA has the authority to fine passengers who are not wearing masks up to over $1,000. However, many Americans continue to refuse to follow these guidelines, resulting in a spike of unruly passenger incidents both on the ground and in the air being reported to the FAA. On March 16, the Washington Post reported that 20 of 450 reports would be formally investigated by the FAA, which also reaffirmed the agency's "zero tolerance" policy towards passengers who refuse to wear masks.


Flying Internationally with Qatar Airways During COVID

Sander Tomassen | 04/01/2021

Join me as I travel to Dubai with Qatar Airways! I will be sharing my view as a passenger how it is to travel around the world during COVID-19.


Cargo-Only Flights Explained

Tyler Giunchi | 04/18/2021

Before the pandemic, 5-10% of the revenue that airlines brought in was from cargo aboard passenger flights. Once passenger flights began decreasing, airlines needed a new way to ship cargo. They began operating cargo-only flights to keep up with demand while minimizing losses in revenue. In one week, United Airlines operated over 75 cargo flights weekly just to stay afloat.


The European Aviation Industry - Will it ever be the same?

Luca Azim  | 04/19/2021

An update on the awful situation in Europe. Will the aviation industry be the same?


Flying with Qatar Airways During COVID (Part 2)

Sander Tomassen | 04/27/2021

Join me on my return flight from Dubai to Oslo via Doha aboard Qatar Airways!


Bubble Between Singapore, Hong Kong Set to Launch in May

Vikas Anand | 05/05/2021

Singapore and Hong Kong set to begin air travel bubble on 26th May 2021.


U.S. Imposes India Travel Ban Following a Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Marcus Lo | 05/13/2021

Following the worst outbreak of Coronavirus yet, President Biden has enacted a travel ban on India. On May 1 alone, India recorded more than 390 thousand COVID-19 cases, the highest in history. This is part of a bigger wave of infections that have steadily climbed during the month of April in which the country added 6.6 million cases to its total, setting its record at 19.6 million.


Singapore-Hong Kong Travel Bubble Delayed Once Again

Vikas Anand and Marcus Lo | 05/20/2021

May 26th, 2021 was supposed to be the beginning of the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble. However, the bubble is now going to be delayed for the second time due to the recent spike in Singapore's COVID-19. Singapore's Ministry of Transport (MOT) said on Monday 17th May 2021 that Singapore is unable to meet the criteria to commence with the initiative.


Russian Low-Cost Carrier Pobeda’s Load Factor Returns to 99%

Joshua Kupietzky  | 06/13/2021

As the air travel market in Russia continues to recover, its main airlines are getting ready for a summer of domestic leisure demand by reestablishing Soviet-era nonstop connections bypassing St. Petersburg and Moscow.


European Union May Soon Lift Travel Restrictions For United States Citizens 

Joshua Kupietzky  | 06/17/2021

The European Union may be about to lift restrictions on travelers from the United States. The decision on a proposal to add the United States to the European Union-wide white list is expected today.


Brussels Airlines Resumes Flights to the United States

Joshua Kupietzky  | 06/19/2021

On Monday, Brussels Airlines resumed flights to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport after an absence of almost 15 months. One day later, the Belgian carrier will restart its service to Washington DC's Dulles International Airport. This comes despite restrictions in the United States banning tourist travel from Belgium.


United Airlines Makes Vaccines Mandatory For All Employees

Joshua Kupietzky  | 08/07/2021

Today United Airlines announced that it is requiring that all of its employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. This makes the Chicago-based carrier the first major airline in the United States to implement such a policy.


American Airlines Will Not Require Employees To Be Vaccinated

Joshua Kupietzky  | 08/09/2021

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said the airline is not planning to mandate vaccination for its employees. The decision comes days after other US carriers, United and Frontier, announced plans to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for employees in the next two months.


Flying to Venice and Barcelona with SAS and Vueling

Sander Tomassen | 09/08/2021

Join me as I travel to Venice and Barcelona with SAS and Vueling!


Delta Implements New Surcharge for Unvaccinated Employees

Davis Turner | 08/26/2021

Delta Airlines recently introduced a surcharge on all health insurance plans for unvaccinated employees. The airline hopes this will encourage those without the vaccine to get vaccinated in order to reduce company financial losses and save lives.


Delta Air Lines Restores Several Domestic New York City Routes

John Pullen | 10/31/2021

Delta Air Lines recently announced the resumption of several routes out of New York City. This comes at a time of intensifying competition in the northeast markets.


Spirit Cuts 9% of January Flights Due To Labor Shortages

Joshua Kupietzky  | 11/13/2021

This week, Spirit Airlines has cut 9% of its flights scheduled for January. The reason for this is staffing problems. Because of this, the Fort Lauderdale-based airline has a more conservative outlook in the near term.


Breaking: United States to Restrict Travel from South Africa

Arkin Si | 11/29/2021

United States to Restrict Travel from South Africa.


Israel and Morocco Completely Close Borders Following Omicron Outbreak

Indy Spotter | 12/10/2021

this article talks about the omricon variant and how it's affecting travel. It mostly talks about Morocco and Israels travel bans.


United and Delta Cancel Over 200 Christmas Eve Flights

John Pullen | 12/24/2021

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines have canceled over 200 flights on Christmas Eve. A combination of staff shortages and high demand has led to these operational disruptions.


COVID19-Related Cancellations Soar

Luca Azim  | 12/29/2021

As 2021 comes to a close more restrictions are on the horizon The new Omicron variant is accounting to record numbers of cases worldwide


Icelandair Adds Connection in Greenland

Luca Azim  | 01/04/2022

A new insight into the Greenland route that Icelandair are proposing. The new route would be operated by Dash 8 Q400 Aircraft.


American Airlines Reports $2 Billion Loss in 2021

Jack Jarzynka | 01/22/2022

American Airlines released their 2021 Financial Statement revealing a $2 billion net loss. This is an incredible recovery from their heavy losses in 2020.


Berlin's "Troubled" Brandenburg Airport One Year On

Luca Azim  | 01/22/2022

An update on Berlin Brandenburg. The airport is still suffering from losses


WHO Calls for the Lifting of Travel Bans

Arkin Si | 01/25/2022

The WHO recently called for the lifting of COVID-19-related travel restrictions.


US-China Aviation Tensions Inflamed After New Cancellations Announced

Davis Turner | 01/26/2022

The United States Department of Transportation is forcing the cancellation of China-bound flights operated by Chinese airlines. The move comes as a result of COVID restrictions applied to US-based flights to China operated by American legacy carriers.


Southwest Airlines Reports Fourth Quarter Profit

John Pullen | 02/08/2022

Southwest Airlines recently posted a 68 million dollar profit for the fourth quarter of 2021. This marks a significant milestone in the airline’s recovery.


American Airlines Continues to Delay Dallas-Tel Aviv Flights

Jack Turner | 02/09/2022

American Airlines has pushed back (again) one of its most exciting new routes: DFW to TLV. The route is now scheduled to start in June, almost three years to the day that the route was announced.


Australian Borders Open for the First Time in Two Years

Davis Turner | 02/22/2022

Australia is opening their borders to international travelers for the first time in two years. Australian and American airlines alike are already banking on tourist increases and are offering deals and reinstated routes.


TSA Airlines Mask Mandate Extended Until April 18

Daniel Mena | 03/10/2022

The federal mask mandate has been extended for airlines through April 18. This extension came just before the mandate was set to expire at the end of this week.


United Kingdom Lifts all Travel Restrictions

Ejaaz Cadinouche | 03/14/2022

The UK has announced that all travel restrictions will be lifted from 4 AM Friday morning, regardless of vaccination status. Heathrow Airport, along with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, will also be dropping its mask mandates.


Nepal Airlines To Restore International Routes Following COVID-19 Recovery

Jiahao Guo | 03/20/2022

The national airline of Nepal, Nepal Airlines, has stated that it will prioritize restoring international flights that were suspended because of COVID-19. This restoration will begin at the end of this month, as the airline restores routes to major cities in Asia, routes cut at the beginning of the pandemic.


United States Government Lifts All Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Luca Azim  | 06/10/2022

The United States has been known across the world for its strict Coronavirus travel restrictions. As of June 12 at 12:01am E.T. this is all set to change for all passengers arriving to the USA on international flights.


Air Canada and Emirates Launch Strategic Partnership

Tejas Bhatia | 07/17/2022

Air Canada and Emirates announced that they will be launching a new strategic partnership later this year. Both carriers have failed to see onward connectivity from Toronto (in Emirates' case), and Dubai (in Air Canada's case). This article examines this new partnership while focusing on the lack of sufficient point-to-point demand and connectivity.


Air India to Reportedly Lease Six Boeing 777s

Tejas Bhatia | 08/11/2022

Air India is planning to lease six Boeing 777 aircraft in order to provide a more streamlined passenger experience, while potentially growing its North American network. This comes after videos posted on Twitter showing the interiors of some of Air India's Boeing 777s in an extremely run-down condition.


American Carriers Consider Returning to China

Adam Schupak | 12/28/2022

On Monday, December 26, 2022, China's National Health Commission said that it will drop the quarantine requirement for travelers entering China, effective January 8. The end of the policy comes as China is slowly loosening up its policies towards COVID-19 after nearly three years of being almost completely shut to foreign travelers.


China's Largest Airlines Report Record Losses in 2022 Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

George Mwangi | 04/02/2023

China's largest airlines saw record losses in 2022 as part of the COVID-Zero policy. However, recent data suggests that China's aviation industry will have a better year in 2023, which will impact global air travel.


China's Largest Airlines Record Smaller Losses in Q1 as Travel Demand Returns

George Mwangi | 05/01/2023

China's largest airlines saw their losses decline in the first quarter as travel demand returns. Air China, China Eastern, and China Southern are showing a recovery in domestic and international travel.


US-China Flights Still Down as Post-COVID Recovery Delayed

Adnan Shaheed | 05/03/2023

U.S.-China flights still down 94% as post-COVID recovery delayed. Travels bound for Asia bounces back for American carriers, but not Chinese-bound travels


China Adds More International Routes as Part of Post-Pandemic Recovery

Adnan Shaheed | 06/22/2023

China has begun reopening its airports since the pandemic. Many airlines within the country have reported improvements in route popularity, especially due to the increase of travel in the summer.


Cathay Pacific Orders 32 More Airbus A321neo Aircraft

George Mwangi | 08/14/2023

Hong Kong's flag carrier Cathay Pacific has announced its intention to add up to 32 Airbus A321neo and A320neo aircraft to its fleet over the next six years. The airline is expanding and modernizing its fleet as part of its plans to turn Hong Kong into an international aviation hub.


Are Airline Ticket Prices Set to Rise Indefinitely?

Jack Turner | 08/22/2023

Airline ticket prices have hit record highs in recent times, but the time are changing. While lower prices aren't guaranteed passengers should take comfort in the fact that prices are trending lower and that trend is expected to continue. This article explains why.


What Does Strong Travel Demand Mean for the Future of Aviation?

Adnan Shaheed | 11/23/2023

The strong demand for international travel witnessed during the summer of 2023 has laid the groundwork for a transformative era in the aviation industry. From embracing technological innovations and prioritizing sustainability to fostering flexibility and adapting to changing circumstances, airlines are navigating a dynamic landscape. The skies, once again, beckon with possibilities, heralding a new chapter for global travel.


EU General Court Declares Netherlands' €3.4 Billion Aid to Air France-KLM Illegal

Hadi Ahmad | 02/07/2024

The General Court of the European Union has ruled that the Dutch government's multi-billion dollar aid to KLM in 2020 was illegal. European low-cost giant Ryanair has praised the ruling, calling for the Court to recover the illegal aid.


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