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Abu Dhabi, UAE- Etihad has become the first major airline to have all of their cabin crew vaccinated for the Coronavirus. The airline describes the achievement as a way to help avoid positive cases as well as a way to give passengers peace of mind while flying the luxury carrier. It is important to note, though, that the airline has specified this population of vaccinated workers to those who are "operating". 


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The airline claims to be the only airline in the world to require a negative COVID test by all passengers and crew before each flight, adding to their no-nonsense approach when it comes to safety. Etihad began vaccinating their employees in December of 2020 under the UAE's emergency use program and was one of the first companies in the UAE to secure vaccinations for their frontline workers. The airline's medical center also became a COVID-19 vaccination location, making the process very simple for all the airline staff and their families to get vaccinated through Etihad.


While the airline's workforce of pilots and flight attendants are all vaccinated, Etihad's other staff members, such as gate agents and baggage handlers, are not. To add to the airline's no-nonsense approach, the airline isn’t mandating that all employees get the vaccine, but makes it very clear that if you pass on your opportunity to get vaccinated and you end up getting COVID, the airline will not give you sick leave or company health insurance. 

Photo of A6-ETR - Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300ER at LAX
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At the time of this article is being written, at least 75% of the airline's entire workforce has been given the first dose of the vaccine, with that number expected to rise with every week that passes. This news is a landmark in the steps being taken by airlines across the globe to make flying as safe as possible for all involved.

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