By Patrick Daly 07/16/2020 1225 views

Dubai: Emirates has completed its first flight of the A380 in 4 months. The airline stopped using the iconic aircraft on March 23rd of this year due to decreased demands from the COVID-19 Pandemic. July 15 marks the first flight of an Emirates A380 since then. The first of these two "maiden" flights, EK1 with service to London's Heathrow airport, departed Dubai at 8:12AM, and touched down in London at 12:12PM. The second flight, EK73, departed DXB less than an hour later at 9:11AM, and touched down in Paris at 1:59PM.


Emirates flew its first A380 flight in 4 months. Photo: Julian Herzog via Wikimedia Commons


When the return of Emirates A380s were announced, the airline's CEO said in a statement, "The A380 remains a popular aircraft amongst our customers and it offers many unique on-board features. We are delighted to bring it back into the skies to serve our customers on flights to London and Paris from 15 July, and we are looking forward to gradually introduce our A380 into more destinations according to the travel demand on specific destinations." Emirates plans on continuing to add the superjumbo jet to new routes, as well as increasing the frequency of these routes as the global health situation improves.

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