By Vikas Anand 01/28/2021 1348 views

While the Boeing 737 MAX series comes up on two years since the beginning of its worldwide grounding. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has officially approved for the type to re-enter services with carriers across Europe. EASA has given the green light to the Boeing 737 MAX to return to the European skies after, it was revealed that the aircraft had ticked all the safety boxes for it to resume operations. 


Credit: Michael Rodeback


A total of four tests were laid out by the EASA:

  1. The two Boeing 737 MAX crashes were deemed sufficiently understood.
  2. EASA has approved design changes made by Boeing, and their embodiment is mandated.
  3. EASA has completed an independent design review.
  4. Boeing 737 MAX crews were adequately trained.


One could argue the Boeing 737 MAX series are some of the safest aircraft in the skies, following countless efforts to remove absolutely any faults and flaws. This aircraft could never be more ready to re-enter operations not only within Europe but worldwide. 

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