Air Canada 767 Makes Successful Emergency Landing in Madrid

Daniel MenaADMIN | 02/03/2020

MADRID, SPAIN - An Air Canada Boeing 767 had to make an emergency landing earlier today when it had an engine failure on takeoff. Air Canada Flight 837 began to circle the Spanish capital, releasing fuel to decrease landing weight. After nearly four hours, the aircraft finally landed back at Madrid-Barajas International Airport.

An Air Canada Boeing 777 (similar to the incident) at Toronto-Pearson Airport. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Kyle Jonas

Reports also state that the 767 may have ruptured a tire on takeoff, making it even more difficult to land. After takeoff, Spanish Air Force sent an F-18 to inspect the damage to the aircraft. It reported engine problems and damage to the undercarriage of the aircraft.

The Boeing 767-300 is well equipped to deal with issues like this, and all pilots of major airlines are required to train for incidents like this. The landing was a success, and there are no known injuries.

A 767-300 (Different Airline) landing in Washington D.C. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Daniel Mena.

Upon takeoff, the landing gear didn't properly close, causing pieces of it to fall into the engine. There were 128 passengers on board, and none of them were injured. 

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Credit: http://thelocal.es and http://cnn.com 

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