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Cathay Pacific Invests in 38 Million Gallons of SAF

Cathay Pacific continues to follow the trend of investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel by inking a deal with Aemetis for 38 million gallons of blended ...

By Thomas Tse • 10/02/2022
Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 Suffers Engine Failure Following Takeoff From BWI Airport

A spirit airlines aircraft departed from BWI en route to Orlando but had to turn back around due to engine issues.

By Edwin Sims • 10/01/2022
Avelo's Newest Base: Fort Myers

Avelo airlines is planning to open a base at Fort Myers. The new base will allow the airline to operate four new routes from the airport and station p ...

By Brandon McLeish • 09/29/2022
Virgin Atlantic to Join SkyTeam

London-based airline Virgin Atlantic has just announced it will join the SkyTeam alliance, headed by good partners Delta and Air France-KLM. The airli ...

By Jack Turner • 09/29/2022

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