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How Do Airlines Decide Which Aircraft to Use on a Route?

It may seem like a simple answer—easy: airlines fly their biggest planes on the routes with the most demand. In some ways, this is true—no doubt a ...

By Jack Turner • 11/28/2023
How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Air?

It is possible to ship a vehicle on an aircraft. Air is superior to land travel as it reduces delays and makes logistics easy when handling vehicles t ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 11/26/2023
How Do Airlines Determine Where to Fly?

Have you ever wondered why certain route combinations exist, but others don’t? Well, the process may be more complicated than you might think. Airli ...

By Davis Turner • 11/25/2023
The Evolution of Airline Status and Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent-flyer programs have become commonplace among airlines all over the world. Enrolling in these loyalty programs has many benefits, the most obv ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 11/25/2023

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